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On Monday 29 April 2002 20:51 pm, you wrote:

> Something else I have found invaluable is the PDB explorer.  You need to
> have perl installed when you compile the GIMP to get this, but it's worth
> the trouble.  It gives you access to all of the exported GIMP function
> calls, tells you their parameters, and even (often) gives the symbolic
> names of the parameter values.

Right, that comes as a separate package in Debian.

> Nice, useful script, btw.

The basic idea comes from a photoshop tutorial I saw ages ago. After I had 
done it by hand a few times it was obvious it should be automated but I just 
never got around to it. The technique won't improve every photograph but I 
think its worth trying whenever you have contrast problems because sometimes 
the improvement can be suprising.

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