I've got a USB Wacom Intuos, and I am really keen on it.  The Graphire 
costs and has a smaller writing area than most Intuos pads.  The Graphire 
also lacks a couple features of the Intuos, but Linux drivers don't 
support those features perfectly.

I only have a USB tablet.  Configuration was a bit tough.  I think serial 
tablets have more stable drivers.  I prefer USB, but serial would have 
been less work.

I'm afraid I don't know anything about other brands.  Gimp reads the 
information from the tablets through an X API called XInput.  I think this 
means that any tablet that sends information to XInput should have the 
basic features (stylus/eraser detection, pressure sensitivity) in Gimp.

But I encourage you to try.  Using tablets in Gimp is wicked fun.

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