måndagen den 27 maj 2002 17.45 wrote Dante:
> Hi.
> I'm going to buy my first graphical tablet - for amateur usage (just for
> fun, I like drawing :-). Which tablets would be good ? Any advices ? I'm
> total newbie in this area.
> - it MUST work under Linux, in GIMP of course
> - it should be relatively cheap (I don't have too much cash)
> - I don't want to buy a piece of crap.
> Which models are best compromises between quality and price ? What about
> Wacom and Pentagram tablets ? I'd be very grateful for advices.

As far as I know the Wacom tablets are the only ones suported in Linux. I have 
an old serial Wacom tablet that works just fine with Gimp.

Olle Viksten

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