Is there any info on what might be causing this error:

LibGimp-WARNING **: script-fu: wire_read: unexpected EOF

I have checked the message boards. They said to configure with
--disable-perl to stop this from happening. I did that. It still

I tried to find out what libs might be causing this crash. I updated
Gtk-Perl and PERL itself, according to advice I saw on the web, but this
is still happening :(

The only way I see now to avoid this crash, is to disable script-fu. Is
there a setting in the config.h or the configure script itself that I
need to call on, to stop GIMP from using script-fu at all?

Or am I totally SOL here?

BTW I am using redhat 7.2 and my compiler is GCC 2.96 and egcs 2.91-66.
I am trying to compile GIMP 1.2.2 and 1.2.3.

-- Steve

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