Hi there.

Is there an eraser tool that will erase only a specific colour? That is, that will 
selectively erase only those points it passes over that are of a particular color. For 
example, you have an image with a line on it that you don't want. You use the dropper 
to pick up some of the line colour, then tell the eraser to erase only that colour.

Similarly (and related to my previous question about filling outlines on transparent 
layers) is there a cousin to the fill tool that selects a region based on colour? Just 
as the fill tool works out towards a colour boundary and then fills inside the 
boundary, so this tool would work out to a colour boundary and then select the area 
within it.

Other (much more primitive) "paint" programs have such tools, but I haven't located 
them in the GIMP.

As I use the GIMP more and more, it is becoming clear to me that some simple things 
have very complicated solutions - apparently the price to pay for having very simple 
solutions to complicated things :-)

Regards, K.

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