On Tue, Nov 12, 2002 at 01:45:36AM +0100, Falk Pauser wrote:
> ps: can anybody explain why new created layers with no content are sized
> to the document-size? it slows gimp down if i use many layers and each
> of them ist oversized... layer-sizes do not make sense for my
> understanding - why not handle layer-sizes like photoshop does?

Whichever way the default goes, some people are going to have to change
it. I have no idea how Photoshop handles layers, but if new GIMP layers
came up at some arbitrarily small size, in a lot of cases you would have
to resize them anyway. As it is, if you dislike the speed hit, just
shrink the layer down to a size that is more convenient for you. You may
argue that you would have to do that all the itme, but then what is the
"correct" default size (hint: there isn't one).


Works better when plugged in.
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