> Whichever way the default goes, some people are going to have to
> change it.

yes, i do need to change them - but why nothing is saved - even i hit
the"save button" in the toolsettings-dialog? i think the functionality
to change and save is wanted - but does not work - it worked not in
1.3.8 - and it does not work in 1.3.10 -  or maybe i'm unable to get it
working? if i start gimp from console all it says while clicking the
save button is "Save clicked" - maybe this functionality is'nt included

> I have no idea how Photoshop handles layers, but if new
> GIMP layers came up at some arbitrarily small size, in a lot of cases
> you would have to resize them anyway. As it is, if you dislike the
> speed hit, just shrink the layer down to a size that is more
> convenient for you. You may argue that you would have to do that all
> the itme, but then what is the"correct" default size (hint: there
> isn't one).

how about this: if i create a layer, there is no size, because the layer
contains nothing, if i put pixels in, gimp can always get the outer
pixels which mark the max x-size/y-size of my layer, so gimp would
always "know" the size of the layer and nobody should ever need think
about"layer sizes". (except for shrinking etc.)

about resizing a layer i'd like to say it's not really handy to
enter the dimension-values x/y by hand - there should be a visual tool,
maybe similar to the crop-tool to do layer-resizing and stuff.


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