[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-11-12 at 1812.52 +0100):
> > Development versions are released so people can help find the
> > problems, not blindly complain.
> and who defines what a so called "problem" is? i cannot remember
> to"blindly complain" about things, i just told my thoughts as a gimp
> user in a gimp-user mailinglist - thats all.

Investigation and debugging do. Later you checked the console (that is
another mail I got now), but firstly you did not considerer "not
implemented yet".

>From your mail:
i wonder how i can save my tool-seetings, for example for "move" etc. -
i hit the save-button, but each time i reload the gimp, default settings
are used, my settings are not restored.

Running from a console is good thing, as is being able to run a
debugger or at least get stack traces. Also being able to poke inside
the code helps. Patches fixing the problem help even more.

If you do not feel happy with all that, use 1.2 and wait until 1.4 is
released, or 1.3 is announced to be in the final phase. Currently 1.3
is in constant change, so what works today can stop working for some
days. Font tool has been in that state for some time, ie, and now it
is not finished either.

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