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> > as an aside, i have read that photoshop has a function that allows you to
> > go back and undo selected parts of images. i think that's neat, because
> > sometimes, especially with layering you like some changes an additional
> > layer makes but you lose other parts you liked (iyswim), hence with this
> > tool you can just select the bits you would like retain by selecting that
> > part and undoing the change just for that part.
> > is there anything similar in the gimp ? if not is it possible to do ?
> In GIMP, you can do what you describe with a layer mask.  Last I saw,
> that's how you did it in Photoshop, too.  Here's a short run-down of the
> process:

yes, and thanks for showing how to do it but psp actually has a tool that 
does that, took me ages to find the refernce again, but its mentioned here, 
its called a history brush

now that is really nifty isn't it ?:))
the history palette is good too. i find increasing the undo levels in gimp is 
impractical on large images; it slows down the machine too much, even at a 
tile cache size of 256, and 10 levels of undo are nothing if painting small 
strokes, so its a bit awkward and i think a history palette would sort that 
out ?

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