Hello folks,

I'm back once again with my rather extreme requirements, as usual...

This time, here is the situation:  I have roughly 100 very large grayscale
images (up to 600M pixels each) that I need to distribute to some
investors/clients on CD for their use in evaluating engineering projects
that I have proposed.  Using various compression techniques, I can
successfully fit these images onto one CD, along with all of the other
information that I need to send out.  I will be providing copies of the same
CD to multiple prospective clients for their evaluation.

But, I have several problems:

1. I need a viewing and printing application that can work with very large
TIFF images, which can also be distributed freely to my clients on the same

2. Preferably this application should require little or nothing in the way
of installation.

3. Most of these clients are almost certainly running computers with much
less RAM and configured with much less virtual memory than it would take to
load these images into memory for viewing.  So, a viewing application that
requires completely loading the image into memory for viewing would almost
certainly be completely out of the question.

4. All of these clients are independent shops from my own, and will be
running Windows.  I can't ask them to switch or to install some Linux or
Unix variant just to view my images.

5. The application must be able to print extremely large images.  Since most
printers have very limited page sizes compared to the size of these images,
the application must either support tiling the image to multiple pages
(preferably), or allow a specific portion of the image to be printed.

Whew, some list of requirements, huh???!!!

Here are some applications that I have already considered and rejected:

1. Commercial applications for viewing and printing well logs, including
NeuraView, Riley MVP, and MJ LogSleuth.  Rejected because these applications
cannot be freely distributed, and licensing them would be prohibitively
expensive for simply viewing my project propsals.  The cheapest of these
applications is around $500.

2. The GIMP.  Requires loading the entire image into memory, and though not
as memory intensive as ImageMagick for grayscale images, would still likely
make my customers machines croak.  Also, the GIMP has no ability to tile
images for printing (at least not under Windows).

3. The ImageMagick viewer application.  Requires loading the entire image
into memory for viewing.  At a minimum of 5 bytes per pixel, this would
definitely make my clients' machines croak (hell, it even makes MY machine
croak!).  Unsure of printing capabilities, but it doesn't really matter.

4. Microsoft/Wang/Kodak Imaging.  Can actually view the images ok, though
the scrollbars act weird when you go beyond 32K pixels on either axis.  Has
no concept of tiled printing.

5. nip-7.8.5  Disk based image viewing and editing application, can easily
work with large images and limited RAM.  Requires no significant
installation.  However, the user interface is a little strange, and more
importantly it doesn't have any of its own printing abilities as far as I
can tell.

So, any other ideas out there?  As usual, I'm desperate!  All suggestions
greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance for any help.


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