> My directory listing shows this font:
> /usr/local/gimp-1.2.3/freefont/brushstr.pfb
> but the text tool does not find this or the other freefont files.
> Any hints on how to correct this?

The text tool in the Toolbox doesn't know about fonts directly - it has
to ask either the X Server or xfs (X Font Server, which you may or may
not be running).

To get this font known to the Text tool you need to add the directory to
the X Server font configuration (see /etc/X11/conf) or the xfs
configuration (I can't remember off hand where this is kept - try "man
xfs").  Then restart either the X server or xfs.  Finally, restart the

Hope that helps.
Michael J. Hammel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Graphics Muse

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