By mistake I sent this reply to John Culleton and I forgot a cc to the list.

I've written a (rather long) file on how to install fonts
- Type 1 & TrueType -.

If you want I can e-mail it to you.

File formats:

        StarWriter 5.0


========= Some more info:

It took me months to figure out, either the fonts displayed ok, but they were 
printed like rubbish, or the other way round. Then there was the problem of 
scaling fonts in Netscape, printing higher ascii in StarOffice...

I used several existing docs and HOWTOs, installed, removed and reinstalled, 
and finally got it right

I don't have a website so I cannot include a link, but whoever wants to try 
my solution ... just ask and I'll send the file.

The HTML file is 14k, the StarWriter file is 51k


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