David Millet wrote:

> Hago,
> About the best technique I've found for doing something like that is:
> 1. use the select contiguous regions tool to select all the black
> 2. click the quickmask button in the lower left hand corner
> 3. use filters>blur>blur to blur the whole thing (aka smooth it, you'll have
> to blur it alot to get it smooth)
> 4. use image>colors>layers to sharpen up your selection

I think you mean "levels" not "layers"

> 5. click the turn off quickmask button in the lower left hand corner, giving
> you a smooth selection

Working with the quickmask is basically the same as working on a channel, whcih
I mentionned in the original post.

> 6. fill the selection with black
> cheers!
> david millet



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