"David Millet" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> 1. use the select contiguous regions tool to select all the black

Since the "holes" of some characters (they must have a name that I
don't even know know in my language) are a bit fragile and important,
it could be a better approach to begin with selecting the outer
background and leave the holes as they are. Quick try:

1. contiguous select background

2. grow by 2

3. bucket fill black

4. shrink by 2

5. select by color, additive mode, fuzziness ~ 90 on a white hole

6. bucket fill white

The result cound be improved a bit, but it looks promising. Instead of
despeckling by growing and shrinking one might prefer the "distress
selection" script-fu, maybe it gives better results.

[x] ulf


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