Thanks for the help.  But now I am going to be stupid-what are the header files?  Do you mean header files for mpeg, xpm?

you may have figured, but I am a newbie.


david <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have got the 1.2.4.tar.gz of the gimp.  Upon compiling 3 plugins
> were not found-xpm, mpeg, and gtkxmhtml.  i've just checked my system
> and mpeg and xpm are on the system.  Is the error created because a
> gimp plugin is different from a standard component, such as the mpeg
> which is on the system, or is the problem occuring because of
> something different such as the path needing to be incuded in ldconfig.

You are probably missing the header files needed to compile software
using these libraries. Most distributions install the headers
separately from the libraries.


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