On 2003-05-28 at 1844.18 +0200, adrian15 typed this:
> Hello I am thinking about a new Gnu/Win/Linux distribution called
> Promise Linux (Details in:
> httphttp://hispascal.sourceforge.net/phpwiki-1.3.3/index.php/Adrian15HaltPromiLinuxEN)
> 1)One of my questions is if there would be any way of installing TheGimp
> in both Windows and Linux without having to copy the compiled libraries
> twice in the cdrom.
> For installing a program you usually need an installer (which may be a
> linux one or a windows one) and the libraries associated to the program.
> Are these libraries valid in both Windows and Linux? So that I can save
> space on my cdrom.
you can run wine on linux and run thewingimp executable from there.


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