Mariusz Sapinski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>    i'm working with gimp version from RedHat 9. I got large TIFF files.
> Since a moment when i'm trying to write down the large file, i got 3 
> dialog windows with following messages:
> "save failed"
> "TIFF Failed scanline write on row 0"
> "LZW compression in not available due to Unisys pattern enforcement"

That should probably read Unisys _patent_ enforcement. Thanks to
Unisys the LZW compression is patented and obviously RedHat decided
not to include the code in question in their GIMP packages. There
might be an additional package that adds this functionality, otherwise
you will have to choose some other compression than LZW in the tiff
save dialog. If that dialog does not appear when you save the file,
try to use "Save As".

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