i love TheGIMP, i will continue to be an avid user, but i seem very very
ineffective as a gimp dot org person.

i am thinking that if i stop presuming to have anything to say or any
good ideas, someone who can better suit the developers needs can step
into this, eh, position.

i will even unsubscribe from this list, as i do not want to cause the
same disasters that i have to the new person/people.  

it is a very difficult day when you look inside and realize that you are
the only thing wrong with the development of your favorite application.

i have learned a lot from this list.  i hope that you can find a way to
express all of your needs and ideas.  thank you for sharing your
knowledge and opinions on this list.

you should have some pride, and find a way to voice them where everyone
can read it and think about it on their own. 

also, don't do it the way i did.


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