On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 11:11, Gene Heskett wrote:
> >> i will even unsubscribe from this list, as i do not want to cause
> >> the same disasters that i have to the new person/people.
> >
> >Woah now.  Where did this come from?  Did I miss something? 
> > Personally, I've found your (Carol's) postings to the list quite
> > helpful at times. I would think it would be a great loss to not
> > have her on the list.
> As another relative newcomer to the list, I'll echo those sentiments.

Ditto here too!  I just joined, and then saw that message and was
concerned...Carol, did somebody hassle you about your efforts to set up
a Wiki for Gimp?  You sounded very upset in your letter.

I took a look at the Wiki. Looks neat! I would recommend ignoring the
critics of your project for now -- I think the Wiki is a good idea since
it makes it so easy for people to add their own hints and tips. It's not
replacing or blocking any pre-existing tutorials to my knowledge, so I
don't see why anyone would complain...but, who knows?  There are some
crazy types out there in Cyberland. Disasters for new users?  *blinks*
It's a graphics program...not a plane's autopilot program (although,
with scripting...who knows...?). I have trouble imagining anything worse
than someone closing their picture without saving their work happening.
If that's a disaster in their lives...well, I envy 'em. If that was the
worst thing to happen to me in a day, I'd be psyched. ;)

I don't really know you yet...I've only been on this list for a week or
so, but I can already tell that you really care about Gimp and want it
to succeed. So, I for one would like you stay aboard.  And, "Don't let
the turkeys get you down" as they say. :)


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