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I have been upgrading my Linux to a Suse 8.2, and the Gimp version
they are delivering is 4.2. Now my clone toole do not work any more.
I have then downloaded the newest 4.2.5 compiled it - and it tells
me, that the perl-PDL is not working, but it is not used any more so
remove it???????????
When I try to install the perl-PDL from my Suse dist. I get a lot of
dependencies missings, and they are not delivered with the dist.
Where do I wrong/what is missing in my system to make the tool work -
I really miss it!

Please help
Mogens Jęger


It may be that all it needs is the -devel files to finish compiling. If you have 8.2 Pro, install all your Gnome2 files along with all the -devel files and the compile should go well. The Gimp supplied on the SuSE discs is 1.2.3, not 4.2 as you mentioned. I believe that might be the version of gimp printers, don't remember now.


Yes - sorry for having them mixed up. The version numbers are 1.2.5.
And I have learned some new about using the Gimp - layers.
First I found out, that the tools worked on some of my older pictures, so I started to investigate where the difference was. I have not come so far in my work with the Gimp, that I have been using the layers, so why the pictures in question were placed as 'background' I don't know - but they were. After having flatened the pictures, everything works.
Sorry for the false alarm - and I guess I must be studying the layers.

Mogens Jęger

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