John Culleton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> As you know most prepress folks want all color images in CMYK
> form. So an ablilty to save in CMYK instead of RGB would be what I
> need.  I suppose one could use ImageMagick instead but I haven't
> tried that.

You are only making things worse if you convert from RGB to CMYK
without detailed knowledge of the printer, the inks and the paper that
will be used. This is the reason why GIMP doesn't support CMYK yet.
If it was only about doing the RGB->CMYK conversion using the naive
and uncalibrated formula, that would be a five-minute hack that we
would have long done. You should really let the printer do the
conversion for you. Only the printer knows all the necessary details.
And only if they gave you the color profiles for the printer, inks and
paper, you could do a reasonable conversion using an appropriate tool.

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