On Sunday 10 August 2003 10:33 pm, John D. wrote:
> In the Gimp web site at http://www.gimp.org/docs.html there is a
> "Plugin Examples" link.  That link is broken.  Does anyone have any
> examples on how to write plugins?
> Also,   I want to use Gimp to render GIF Graphics on the fly.  
> Gimp would run on the server,  and data stored on the server would
> hopefully be used to render histograms, pie charts,  etc and dished
> out to people visiting the site.
> The web server doesn't have any graphics stuff on it at all,   and
> I'm hoping that I can use Gimp to render images (without displaying
> them - except on visitor's browsers).
> Can Gimp be used for this purpose?   If so,  then where can I find
> example code that does this.   By the way,  I'm using the Python
> Gimp Modules,  and prefer to find the code in Python,  but I can
> accept it in C.   Usually Python parallels C pretty closely.

When I needed to serve images, and was working in Python, I set for 
the Python Imaging module. I did not ever try  to have the script-fu 
server working as Jonathan said on the other e-mail.

Python Imaging have some shorthands...when I needed to rotate text to 
fit it as histogram labels, for example, I ended up with it being 
quite unreadable, and had to work around it with some blur filters.

OTOH, It's hard to have GIMP creating graphics from scratch like those 
you want. 
When faced with that, I started creating a Graphic Turtle API using 
the Python Fu wich turns it a breeze to draw specific shapes in the 
GIMP from a python script. It is not ready to "go public" - but it is 
mature enough to be used in the situation you describe.

So, if you actually manage  to set up gimp with python scripting on 
the server, just contact me -  it will be a pleasure to share that 
code earlier with you.

BTW, the hIstograns I generate with python imaging are rather cool -
although with a dirtier code. Anyway, if you go for python imaging 
instead, write me also.

> John


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