> Also,   I want to use Gimp to render GIF Graphics on the fly.   Gimp
> would run on the server,  and data stored on the server would hopefully
> be used to render histograms, pie charts,  etc and dished out to people
> visiting the site.

Gimp _can_ be used for this purpose, but probably a different solution
(such as the GD library and it's associated graphing library) would be
best.  I use GIMP a lot from the command-line, but the problem with how I
do it is that I run a new GIMP process for every graphic, which takes
several seconds to load, thus would really load down your server if you
were doing it in real time.  The way you would need to do it is to run the
script-fu-server, although I'm not sure this can be done without GUI mode,
although it might.  I have not played with the script-fu-server myself.

Anyway, the way my command-line works is this:

1) I have a script-fu script in scheme

2) I create the following shell script:


gimp -i -d -s -b "(nmm-create-and-save-blue-button \"$1\" \"$2\")"
"(gimp-quit 0)" 2>/dev/null

nmm-create-and-save-blue-button is my script-fu script, which takes two
parameters - the text for the button and the filename.  The GIMP flags may
need to be modified for your purpose.  The one thing is that your scripts
CANNOT mess with displays.  For example, if you try to do
gimp-display-new, you'll get an error, since you don't have a GUI.

Now, if you decide that not having a GUI is too much of a pain, you can
always run Xvfb, which is an X server that runs in memory only (i.e. - it
doesn't display on a screen - it's a "virtual frame buffer").

Anyway, I hope that helps.  My guess is, although I haven't tried it, si
that you would want to run GIMP with

gimp -i -c -s -b '(1 10008 "/var/log/gimp.log")' &

And then connect to port 10008 and give it your commands (although I think
they have to be in scheme, but if you're using the procedural database,
the functions you access can be in any language).

Let me know if you have questions.


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