Hello, Natalie;

I brought up the two web sites you mentioned using IE 6 and that browser reacts differntly than mozilla or ... whatever.(Why am I not surprised?!? :-)

As an example, the very first example in your _moz example has a blazing white line separating the first row and the second using IE, as opposed to Mozilla where all four cells of the table abut nicely. This was the sample with the
<img ....>

However in the second (where <td><img ...></td> are all on one line, IE renders the table with NO white line between the rows.

Oh, well......


Bill Lee

Nat wrote:
Daniel Carrera - Wednesday 20 August 2003 03:33 - about Re: [Gimp-user] Webpage Help:

Hi Daniel,

Oh no, you missed the issue.  It was not about a whitespace, it was
about creating a NEWLINE.

There was a whole blank line BELOW the image.

Unless... a whitespace could somehow create that newline... maybe it
wrapped around?

I've created two html pages, one for Mozilla and one for Konqueror and Netscape, with examples of <a href... and images in tables. Some work like you'd want them to, some leave gaps.

You might have a look


I can't test this in IE, but you should be able to adapt the pages.

Hope that helps,

[rest snipped]


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