imr <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> First, how can i close the image window i was working on during the
> script, once i have saved it.  i found image_delete and
> display_delete fonctions, but the image_delete wont work as long as
> there is a display opened, so how do I get the display?

Your script can only delete a display it created itself. When it
creates a display using gimp-display-new it is returned a display
ID. This ID can be used later to remove the display again using

> Second and last, I have tried to save a picture as jpg with
> gimp_file_save non interractively. The image was saved with 0
> quality, is there a way to set the jpg settings without using
> file_jpeg_save and without interractivity?

It should have been saved with the default JPEG settings. IIRC, the
default quality used to be 0.75 and was lately changed to 0.85. Are
you sure that 0 was used? Which version of GIMP did you use?


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