David Neary wrote:

Tom Williams wrote:

Thanks for posting a link to this bug report. I'm seeing a similar problem at startup but it's not font related and is related to the "tool-safe-mode" plugin:

This is another commonly reported bug - see http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=118517

To find bugs like this, you should probably add "CLOSED" and
"RESOLVED" to the default set of bug statuses, and search for the
most prominent word - in this case, searching for tool-safe-mode
turned up 3 links :)

In brief, that's an old plug-in that was removed in version
1.3.10, so if you had an older devel gimp installed and you
didn't make uninstall of that, it's an old file left lying
around. Delete it, and all will be well.


Thanks for the info. That did the trick! :)



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