I  compiled gimp-1.3.16 with gtk-2.2.1. No errors, but  a message asking for gtk > 
2.2.1. came up. So I desinstalled 2.2.1 and compiled gtk-2.2.4.
Gtk as well as gimp dont show _any_ fonts !  The graphic frontend is on the other hand 
OK. Only that no text at all shows up ! 
Gtk 2.2.1 and 2.2.2, which I also tryed to compile, gave the same negative results

I am using XF86-4.3, and freetype fonts. All KDE applications are working smootly, no 
fonts errors at all. They use true types. The Xfs server is on. Pango was compiled 
with ft2 support. No error messages. My system is Linux From Scratch 4.1, the kernel 
is 2.4.20

I went already through Google and other archives withouth results. 
Can someone please give me a hint ? Perhaps someone has experienced similar problems ?
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