Beatriz Botero H. wrote:
> Hallo,
> I  compiled gimp-1.3.16 with gtk-2.2.1. No errors, but  a message asking for gtk > 
> 2.2.1. came up. So I desinstalled 2.2.1 and compiled gtk-2.2.4.
If you are not using a tablet, this warning is nothing except a pain. 
Until you can figure out what is wrong with the fonts, you could safely
go back to the working gtk-2.

> Gtk as well as gimp dont show _any_ fonts !  The graphic frontend is on the other 
> hand OK. Only that no text at all shows up !
> Gtk 2.2.1 and 2.2.2, which I also tryed to compile, gave the same negative results
> I am using XF86-4.3, and freetype fonts. All KDE applications are working smootly, 
> no fonts errors at all. They use true types. The Xfs server is on. Pango was 
> compiled with ft2 support. No error messages. My system is Linux From Scratch 4.1, 
> the kernel is 2.4.20
congratulations :)  Linux From Scratch is really cool.

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