On 13 Oct 2003 11:55:27 +0200, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Daniel Rogers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > As was discussed at Gimp Con 2003 (and before, frankly) I am in the
> > process of incorporating "The GIMP Foundation" as a non-profit
> > organization devoted to supporting the gimp.
> Thanks a lot for organizing this.
> > Here are some of the ideas I am currently mulling over regarding TGF:
> >
> This sounds a lot more like an attempt to bring WilberWorks back to
> life than what I was imaging from such a foundation. IMO it should be
> a lot less commercially oriented but maybe I am only getting a wrong
> impression from looking at this list. [...]

Sorry if this sounds like a "me too" but I would like to second this.

After watching your (Daniel) presentation at GimpCon2003 and the
discussion that followed, I thought that the main roles of the GIMP
Foundation would be:
- to be a non-profit organization that can collect donations without
  trying to sell anything by itself;
- to serve as a contact point for conferences and events interested in
  GIMP presentations.

Selling GIMP tee-shirts, manuals, CDs and other stuff may be
interesting, but I would prefer to have this done by a company that
would be a separate legal entity.  Otherwise, there could be some
conflicts between a commercial GIMP Foundation and the companies that
are already selling GIMP stuff (ftgimp, macgimp/wingimp, xdarwin and
probably several others).  I would like the GIMP Foundation to be seen
as "neutral" and clearly non-commercial, so that the companies who are
selling GIMP CDs could make a donation to the foundation without
feeling that they are giving money to a potential competitor.

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