Carol Spears wrote:
When I looked into this sometime back, I watched the gnome foundation
elections on the irc.  This is probably not the best view of a
foundation, however, I really wanted nothing to do with it.

We don't need to structure our Foundation (or even have membership) if we don't want to. Further we can have our own rules for determining membership that may or may not have anything to do with democracy.

It seems like if there is money available to aid with TheGIMP, the
easier it is for the people to contact the person most involved with
this area -- then the decision can be made by the person who is to do
the task or what have you.

I am not following what you mean here. Are you suggesting that the people most invovled in the project decide who or what gets funded?

If you develop TheGIMP right now, and you get offered some money, it is
difficult to give any of it back.  Having a place and an easy interface
to deposit money would be nice I think, and good therapy for any who
received more than they gave (deep down everyone knows).

Everyone knows what?

Yea making it easy to provide donations would be cool.

I am not certain if I am making sense (again); but no matter what is
going on and all the evidence against this belief, I tend to believe
more in individuals and their conscience than in "organizations". People can get and install gimp on their own. Selling a distribution is
sort of like preying on the ignorant. This has happened to me, and I
didn't like it.

I don't want to pray on the ignorant. Selling cds would be clearly marked as a fundraiser (and probably priced as such). However, is should be possible to inform people of the fact that The Gimp is free and you don't need to buy it.


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