I downloaded and then attempted to install the above rpm of the gimp. I had two dependency problems the first I met-libgimp1.2-1.2.5-6mdk.i586.rpm.

The second is proving trickier. The second dependency is a perl file called file::Slurp. Last night I cpan'ed the file. I thought everything should be ok...so I went for a retry in installing gimp. gimp still thought the file was missing. So this morning I went directly to the cpan website and downloaded the Slurp source file. That installed ok. I retryed installing the gimp. Again the Slurp file was not recognised. So I thought sod-it and installed the gimp with --nodeps. It installed ok. The gimp opened ok aswell. But I wonder if the gimp will function ok without file::Slurp?


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