thanks everyone for the help/advice.  I was just a bit concerned about this matter.


Ps--interesting info all the same.

Joao S. O. Bueno wrote:
The GIMP, in your case, is not installed without SLURP at all, because 
you installed it manually.

Actually, your problems have absolutely nothing  to do with The GIMP 
per se - they are rpm related.

Let me try not to confuse you:
RPM is a system to automate the instalation of (oftenly) pre-compiled 
programs. One part that it automates is to check if all the other 
programs/files the desired program requires are installed on your 
system. The trick is that RPM doesn't check against the files 
themselves, but check in a RPM database. This means that it will only 
know about programs that you install using RPM itself.

In your case, you say you hand-installed SLURP, so the file never got 
registered at the RPM database, as this is a step RPM itself performs 
when installing a file, and so, as far as RPM can tell, that file is 
not installed.

However, for the GIMP, if the file can be located at all, it will work 

On another issue, if it is a perl file, the most it can do is break 
part of GIMP-perl functionality. This doesn't affect core GIMP 
functionality at all, as gimp-perl is optional.


On Monday 27 October 2003 8:40 am, david wrote:

I downloaded and then attempted to install the above rpm of the
gimp.  I had two dependency problems the first I

The second is proving trickier.  The second dependency is a perl
file called file::Slurp.  Last night I cpan'ed the file.  I thought
everything should be ok...so I went for a retry in installing gimp.
gimp still thought the file was missing.  So this morning I went
directly to the cpan website and downloaded the Slurp source file. 
That installed ok.  I retryed installing the gimp.  Again the Slurp
file was not recognised.  So I thought sod-it and installed the
gimp with --nodeps.   It installed ok.  The gimp opened ok aswell. 
But I wonder if the gimp will function ok without file::Slurp?


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