David Neary wrote:

David Selby wrote:
The colour picker gives me a RGBA & a hex tripplet for the colour I 
want. Thats OK but I need to change my text colour for my dynamic text.

Ah. I see.

In the dynamic text dialog I hit the coloured square, get lots of 
sliders & a colour circle, I end up moving the selector in the colour 
circle untill I get as good a match as I can, judged by eye. I then set 
the text to that colour. Its never perfect.

Ignore this completely. Create a text layer black on alpha,
create a second layer which you fill with the desired colour,
and set the layer mode to Screen. Then merge down. Perhaps this
isn't ideal, but it's what I use. You can also drag & drop the
colour into the text after it's rendered, after checking "Keep

Is there an easier way of setting the dynamic text colour. It does not 
have a dialog bog for a hex triplet.

The dynamic text plug-in is something of a disaster. It doesn't
use the standard widgets for font or colour selection, and has
been deprecated in 1.3. You should use it for rendering text
only, and do the colour stuff afterwards. Better for the sanity


Many thanks for your helpfull reply. I will give it a go as described

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