"Joao S. O. Bueno" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I am trying to keep a GIMP HEAD running, but oftenly I find some 
> difficulties in compiling in from CVS and would like some hints on 
> how to keep my local tree, in a way it compiles.

I assume you are getting GIMP from anoncvs. The cause of almost all
problems with GIMP CVS are two things:

- You don't use 'cvs update -Pd'. Dave explained this nicely.

- You are getting inconsistent checkouts from the anoncvs servers.
  There are two or three different servers that you will get when you
  ask DNS for anoncvs.gnome.org. Unfortunately these aren't
  necessarily at the same state. The solution is hardcode one,
  preferably in your /etc/hosts or use the IP address
  as CVS server hostname.

> Them it fails because some windowmanager.png has its name changed to 
> windowmanagement.png . I could work around this manually, but them 
> other failures will come over.
> How do I avoid this? I get CVS versions from the past? I post them as 
> BUGs and wait for the mainteners to fix it up?

What you are describing here is exactly the symptoms of the anoncvs

The GIMP CVS tree almost always compiles. It happens very rarely that
someone forgets to change all relevant files or omits to checkin a
changed file. This stuff is usually fixed very quickly but it is of
course possible that the anoncvs server does it's daily update right
when the CVS tree was broken.

> Is something beyond make distclean needed?

You should almost never need to make distclean. I haven't done this
for a loooong time now.

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