Hi there,

I am trying to keep a GIMP HEAD running, but oftenly I find some 
difficulties in compiling in from CVS and would like some hints on 
how to keep my local tree, in a way it compiles.

Actually, sometimes I simly give up and make a new checkout from the 
CVS entirely. I made this a day or two before 1.3.23 came out. When I 
perform this, I always manage to compile and install cleanly.

But, right now, I want to update it. So, letīs go by steps:
I go
 cvs -z3 update
I go
 make distclean
./configure <my options>
Them it fails because some windowmanager.png has its name changed to 
windowmanagement.png . I could work around this manually, but them 
other failures will come over.
How do I avoid this? I get CVS versions from the past? I post them as 
BUGs and wait for the mainteners to fix it up?
Is something beyond make distclean needed?

If the solution is to pull a  different version of some files from the 
CVS, what is the syntax for it.

Thank you for the hints. 
I hope that with a good willing answer to this e-mail, I don't have to 
rm -Rf gimp/
cvs -z3 checkout gimp 
again nevermore.

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