If it compiled and make-installed with no errors it should run.

Make shure of these two trivial things, that might be the catch:
        Are you running the "gimp-2.0" binary?
If you run just "gimp" it should run the old version.
And....when running first time, it takes a while (about  40 seconds on 
my system) while it configures itself, before the spashscreen is 
displayed. Maybe you are interrupting it before this happens.
(I did the first time it happened to me.)


On Thursday 08 January 2004 08:50, david wrote:
> Hi
> I have downloaded and compiled and installed the above file.
> Only one problem........it wont run.....gimp does not open.
> There seemed to be no problems in the configure stage.  So I am
> stumped.
> I am running mdk9.2.
> Is this something of a bug or is there some compile option which I
> have missed??
> Cheers
> david

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