On Fri, Jan 16, 2004 at 09:49:31PM +0100, GSR / FR wrote:
> Hi:
> I saw that zoom has been changed following bug 124073. After trying
> it, I did not liked it. Personally I think it gives too much
> importance to extreme zooms, forgeting most people work around
> 100%. 4000 to 20 pix images in a reasonable size monitor is what I
> normally see, not 40000 pix or people with one pixel painted as
> 128*128 screen pixels. I also did not liked that it quickly went to
> fractional numbers in which one of X:Y is not 1, cos it does not look
> very pleasing due the fast way Gimp interpolates when displaying.
i read a lot of the mail in the threads that followed.  I tried to
figure out the best way to handle this zoom problem.

i think that any functionality should be allowed and encouraged until
the info dialog is fixed.  maybe the zoom and the info can work together
rather than separately.

if the user can distinguish the difference between the use of the image
then TheGIMP could easier determine the set of rations to use.

for instance, in the info dialog the user could choose production and it
would first, only accept xcf format for save and second, allow extreme

if the user toggled "screen" the ratios and save sizes could be limited
to screen displays.  Different print expectations could be expressed and
many of the decisions for the new user could be preset and the GIMP
could not just guess what would be best for everything.

seems like this is only one use that a better info dialog could help
with.  determining format and image mode would be easier.  i have enough
experience with the different image handling, i could help to make the
decisions about what the zoom ratio should be if i know you are making a
web image and the resolution and image mode that would be best (if you
cannot figure it out yourself).

lets work on the info dialog.  how can we make this thing work properly?


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