Joao S. O. Bueno ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I've tried Simons Patch, and it seemed very nice for me. 
> Of course I am innoi position to word out what should and should not 
> be commited, but from a user point of view, it is nice.

There are two things I'd like to know.

As you know Gimp avoids opening too big image windows when loading an
image. Right now the size of the image area is restricted to 0.75 *
screen dimensions. This of course is perfectly Ok.

However, I'd like to know which of the two following behaviours is
preferrable in case of an image being too big for the screen:

a) open the image as big as possible (zoom-to-fit to a window about
   0.75 * screen dimensions), this roughly is the behavior of current

b) open the image in the next smaller zoom preset (which would result
   in image windows smaller than the 0.75 * screen dimensions, but
   would have nice ratios) (since CVS does not yet really have any
   zoom presets its hard to compare...)

Also I'd like to know if the zoom steps around 100% are fine grained
enough. Homogenous zooming right now is implemented with a factor of
2^(1/2) (from 100% to 200% in two steps), but 2^(1/3), 2^(1/4) would
work as well (three, resp. four steps from 100% to 200%) and give
finer grained steps.



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