david wrote:
There is a bug that does not seem to have been fixed for gimp-2.0pre2.tar.bz2 which was in the previous prerelease version. I did bother to log on to the bug reporting site and entered the bug....but it is still occuring. However, I recognise that this maybe a peculiarity of my setup.

This may sound a little obvious, but if you observe a bug, and you don't report it, it's unlikely it will be fixed (unless a bunch of people observe the bug and it's already been reported).

Please report bugs you find in Bugzilla (http://bugzilla.gnome.org) so that we can fix them. But first, please do a search to see if your bug has already been reported or fixed.

What happens is this:

I open a new document and accept the default. I select the rectangular shape tool. I draw a square in the centre of the canvas...holding down the shift key to force a square. Then I select a foreground colour...red...and select the bucket fill tool. I fill the square with the red colour. I select copy and copy what is there as is. I then paste. Thats where it crashes.

I don't have this problem, but of course that doesn't mean it's not a bug. Please report it in Bugzilla. Also, could you say how you're copying & pasting, and so on.


Dave Neary

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