On Thursday 29 January 2004 10:05, Thomas Spuhler wrote:
>Thanks. See me post form yesterday.
>Of course I am  using cups as print spooler.
>Sven's suggestion of adding kprinter with one single command
> (kprinter) in the command line solves this problem.
>Gene, how are you going to change paper size to tabloid or legal if
> you do it your way. How would you tell to print 5 copies, or to use
> the manual tray instead of the lower tray to print transparencies,
> etc.? You just need "kprinter".

All that is available in the requester that comes up if I choose print 
from the gimp menu.  It has submenu's that will allow the printer to 
be configured, either one-time for this page, or permanently if you 

This includes shrink and placement so I can do 4 or so pics per page 
by refeeding the page(s) for each print if I want more than 1 copy.  
I can also do duplex from there using the 2 pass method.

And currently, I've ripped foomatic out,  all of it - "rm -fR the 
dirs", as the gimp-print drivers for epson are fully capable to doing 
things for my fairly color critical eyes to my satisfaction, a bit 
better on a C-82, than on a 6 color 820.  The plus is that the inks 
for the C-82 are archival, where as the photo 820 uses some sort of 
water soluables that will fade with time.  As time goes by I find 
myself using the 820 less and less.

The downside is that epson has jacked up the ink prices about 4x since 
I bought the first 820, and about 2x since I bought the C-82.  A full 
set of tanks for the C-82 is around $70 US now, 2/3rds of what I paid 
for the C-82.  That hurts, but they sure do nice work.

>On Wed, 2004-01-28 at 19:39, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Wednesday 28 January 2004 17:59, Thomas Spuhler wrote:
>> >I have been a Gimp user on Mandrake (currently 9.2) for quite
>> > some time. I am currently using Gimp2-pre2. One of the features
>> > that I find annoying is the printing. It is difficult to use
>> > other printers than the standard, at least I don't know a direct
>> > and easy way.
>> >Using Gimp's normal printing feature is nice and OK for home
>> > usage or if always printing to the very same printer.
>> >Using kprinter is a really nice way to print in a corporate
>> > environment. I can choose the printer I like or need on the
>> > corporate network.
>> >
>> >Would there be a possiblity to make just one small change and do
>> > it like Adobe Acrobat Reader: You just type in krinter into the
>> > printer field in the printing dialog?
>> If you were using gimp-print and cups, it would be pretty easy I
>> think.  I have 2 printers, both epson ink squirters, and 4 actual
>> definitions setup, 2 for each printer in cups.  1 low res for text
>> type outputs, and one hi-res for text+photo, both in color, for
>> each printer.
>> To the Gimp, they are simply lp0, lp1, lp2, and lp3, and the
>> gimp-print dialog allows you to change which printer you are
>> using.

Cheers, Gene
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