BandiPat <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The Sane plugin for Gimp 2.0 has not been updated yet, but should be by 
> the final release.  I do believe that Sven or somebody did revise it 
> themselves, but to keep conflicts down with the original maintainer, 
> did not include it with the new Gimp.  I'll let them comment on it's 
> availability.

You are confusing SANE and XSane here. SANE is the scanner
infrastructure and XSane is just an alternative GUI frontend to SANE.
IIRC both come with GIMP plug-ins. I don't know about the state of the
SANE plug-in but AFAIK the XSane plug-in hasn't been released for
GIMP-2.0 yet. The necessary changes are fairly trivial though and I
sent my patches to the plug-in author. He promised me to do an updated
release. If that hasn't happened yet, perhaps someone should send him
a mail and politely ask about the status.

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