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> > However as a user I'm fascinated by part of the closing statement
> > "Gimp can already do many things that are difficult or impossible with
> > Photoshop" and I would love if the author or anyone else could elaborate
> > on this.  It would make a very good pulicity piece to accompany the
> > release notes.
> I'm not sure what Raymond had in mind. Raymond? Que dis-tu?
I did'nt write this. I often avoid to speak or compare Gimp to
Photoshop. The Chapter "11.Coming soon" is a new Chapter added by
someone on the Wiki. 

What I wrote is :
Historiquement Gimp 2.0 devait apporter la touche « professionnelle »
qui lui manque, à savoir le support natif du format CMJN et le 16
bits/canal pour la vidéo. Il n'en sera rien, il y a déjà quelques années
le choix des développeurs de Gimp s'est porté sur un projet à moyen
terme de librairies graphiques de nouvelle génération, projet nommé
GEGL. Mais comme dans le monde du libre les projets n'avancent pas
forcément à l'allure souhaitée, les librairies GEGL ne seront finalement
intégrées qu'au cours de la vie de Gimp 2, pour la version 2.4.
--- translated by Eric in :
Initially, Gimp 2.0 would include the "professionnal" touch that the
previous releases are missing: native support for CMYK and 16
bits/channel for video editing. This features will not appear now, as
Gimp developpers choose to work on a medium-term project; this project
is new generation graphical libraries called GEGL. But in free software,
projects have planning of their own, and GEGL will be included during
Gimp 2 stable cycle, maybe release 2.4.

an it was in the introduction not at the end of the document.


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