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Timothy Jedlicka bonzopad wrote:
I'm planning on introducing my photoclub to The Gimp and one segment will be on color balance.
Is there any way of doing this with Gimp? I was thinking maybe using guides, with snap-to-guide, but my snap "threshold" is apparently too low. Any other ideas?

There are color-pickers (white, black and grey for all channels, and white andblack per channel (including the value channel) in the levels tool dialog. The grey tool is for selecting a grey point (that is, a point with gamma 0) - this is very useful for correcting colour casts where the colour cast is clearest on a light grey or dark grey.

The white and black point color pickers do the same thing, except they fix the white and black points.

This is all for 2.0 pre-releases, these functions are not available in 1.2.x.


Dave Neary

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