"Timothy E. Jedlicka - wrk" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I've been using the color pickers (in 2.0pre), but I want to show
> some of the magic behind the scenes - showing how the RGB values
> change as you color correct. The concept of reference points also
> helps when trying to assess and manipulate exposure latitude -
> marking reference points then comparing them is useful when
> manipulating photos.

This sounds quite useful to me. It would be nice if you could open an
enhancement request in our bug-tracker at bugzilla.gnome.org. Please
try to describe the feature as detailed as possible. Once the bug
report has been created, you can also attach screenshots and/or
mockups of a possible user interface. This would make it more likely
that such a feature is being added in a future version of The GIMP.

Of course attaching a patch would make it even more likely ;)

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