Andrew Langdon-Davies wrote:
Having battled my way through configure, make and make install and having finally completed the process without any apparent error messages, Gimp-2 does not actually show up anywhere. What directory should it be in? If I do 'gimp', the old one starts up. All libraries are Mandrake-9.2 rpms.

The old GIMP installs the binary gimp-1.2 and the new one installs gimp-1.3 (this will eventually be gimp-2.0).

While we are not in a stable release, the gimp binary will be a symlink to gimp-1.2 - once we are stable, we will enable by default the option to have gimp point to gimp-2.0.

So - to answer your question - the GIMP binary you're looking for is gimp-1.3 - if you want to have /usr/local/bin/gimp point at this, add the argument --enable-default-binary to your call to configure.


Dave Neary

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