On Tue, 2004-03-16 at 12:10, Andrew Langdon-Davies wrote:
> And now the nitty-gritty: I've installed the Epkowa iscan plug-in for 
> epson scanners, but when I select it from the menu gimp-1.3 crashes as 
> follows:
> gimp_composite: use=yes, verbose=no
> supported by gimp_composite: +mmx +sse +sse2 -3dnow -altivec -vis
> GLib-ERROR **: could not allocate 1072693248 bytes
> aborting...
> (gimp-1.3:31399): Gimp-Plug-In-WARNING **: gimp-1.3: plug_in_flush(): 
> error: Broken pipe
> plug_in_close: extension aborted before sending its extension_ack message
> (The same plug-in works fine with 1.2)

What you are seeing is a plug-in crash - likely because the plug-in has
not been ported to work with GIMP 2.0.

Henrik Brix Andersen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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