I build almost everyday the cvs for gimp-2.0.

Sometimes ago, I've remarked that the menus were always "on top". Moving the picture I was working on was moving it *under* the opened menus.

Sometimes later, I remarked (I was happy of that) that the focus raised the picture.

I've just compiled the 20040322 version on the cvs and I remarked that this feature is here again.

So I have several questions:
- Is it a feature or is it a bug (generally the question is the opposite, I think) ;-) ?
- If it is a feature (some exchanges I have had in the past seems that it *was* a feature, I hopped this feature was dropped...) is there a mean to disable it ? I've been fooling in the preferences menu and I've not found where it is hidden.

                - Jean-Luc

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