Le 22.03.2004 23:12, Simon Budig a Úcritá:
Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

When I say "menu", I mean the main dialog window and all the other dialog boxes/windows opened.

It is right for the popup.

But if I've i.e. a layer window opened and I move the picture I'm
working on, it is not moving *over* this dialog but *under* it.

It was not the behaviour 2 dyas ago.

Please test the setting of "Window Type Hints" under the "Window Management" page in the preferences. Depending on the window manager you use it might be more useful to choose the "Normal Window" hint for the Toolbox and the Docks.

Hope this helps,


Fine! Many thanks!
It should be set to "normal windows" instead of "utility window". At least with my system: gnome/metacity.

Thanks again

                - Jean-Luc

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