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Bryce Benton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I wonder if this person is voicing a issue that I also have. When I
working on an image and I want to modify the hue/saturation, the
thing I always do is move the dialog box so that it is not covering
the image. Perhaps it would be an improvement if there were a way for
the GIMP to remember the location of the last dialog box and then
subsequent dialog boxes there. That way, I'd only have to move the
dialog box the first time.

It does that already. Unfortunately a lot of window managers decided to completely ignore this setting and center the dialog instead. We have since removed the transient relationship from the tool dialog to the image window and this problem is gone.


It is not what I complain against.

When I say "menu", I mean the main dialog window and all the other dialog boxes/windows opened.

It is right for the popup.

But if I've i.e. a layer window opened and I move the picture I'm working on, it is not moving *over* this dialog but *under* it.

It was not the behaviour 2 dyas ago.

                - Jean-Luc

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