Le 28.03.2004 18:34, Alexander Rabtchevich a écrit :
I've read the discussion in GIMP-developers list on the plans for GIMP future versions and their timeframe.

So I can just add the impression from reading the discussion on the new 2.0 version in Russian Linux forum. The main problem of The GIMP 2.0 from the users POW is, it is more powerful than regular users need and still don't have features the professional needs. These features are: more than 8 bits per channel and color management.

So as for me I'd like to see RAW support (I mean without downsampling) and 16 bits per channel first of all :) .

If you speak of raw data from digital camera. There is dcraw. There is a plugin for it called rawphoto. As The Gimp can only manage 8 bits per channel, you willnot get more. But as dcraw is able of more (48 bits with the -4 option) it is bits ready !

                - Jean-Luc

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